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Nerd Crafts
Hi there! After spending most of 2012 learning how to knit, cross-stitch and crochet, I decided to make a blog to get my work out. This isn't specifically "nerdy" crafts, I can't think of an appropriate name >.<
I'm 18 and live in the UK. I spend a lot of my free-time crafting things, mainly around my interests (video games, music, films) and practical items! I hope you enjoy my work ^-^
Pkmn! Crochet! Patterns! Finished! YouTube! Tumblr!

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Brella’s free pattern for the knit Norwegian Totoro Mittens.


(via Cucco Avalanche!)

I finally finished this one!

I have been making things just not posting them all because they’re not good enough in my eyes!

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Play More Video Games pattern available free on Craftsy. Design size measures 9.21” x 14.36” for 14 count aida or 129w x 201h stitches (don’t forget to leave room for framing when you’re cutting the fabric). Uses 12 colours. Original art by Luíza Duarte.



(Source: floresenelatico)

Also here’s some progress on the eeveelution cross stitch; leafeon

I made this teddy bear for my boyfriend this Valentine’s day. Admittedly it does have wonky eyes, legs and ears but I still think it’s cute…


I’m really proud of how this turned out, considering I have absolutely no embroidery experience. I’ve always had the impression that if you were good at embroidery, the back of the piece looks all nice and neat. So I’ve included a shot of the back of the shield, because it is the complete opposite of nice and neat. Also, this helped me decide to redo the Triforce on Link’s hand. This one turned out so much nicer.

finished jolteon ^-^ #pokemon #eeveelution #jolteon #crossstitch